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What are the different transaction codes on my statement?

Transaction Code Description
103 MT103 Payment
ACI Interest on Account Balance
ADV Separate Advice
AMD Amendments History
ATM Cash Withdrawal
BAC Automated Credit
BAE Branch Account Entry
BCO Non Market Close Out
BGC Bank Giro Credit
BGT Guarantees
BLN Bankline Charges
BOE Bill of Exchange
BSP Branch single payment
C/R Credit
C/L Automated teller machine cash withdrawal
CAE Cheque Collection
CCB Cheque Collection
CDM Cash and Deposit Machine
CHG Charges
CHP CHAPS Transfer (NatWest only)
CHQ Cheque
CNA Clean Cheque Neg
CND Cheque Negotiation
COM Commission
CRD Card Payment or Cash
D/D Direct Debit
D/R Debit
DCR Documentary Credit
DFT Foreign Draft
DIV Dividend
DPC Digital Banking Payment
EBP Electronic Payment
EDC Enhanced Data Capture (payments made in a branch)
FPAY Faster Payment - Future Dated (appears on statements as EBP)
GSD Gov Stamp Duty
IBP Inter Branch Payment
ICP Inward Currency Payment
INT Interest
INV Investment
IPAY Faster Payment -Immediate (appears on statements as EBP)
ISP Inward Sterling Payment
ITL International Transfer & Treasury Settlements (and RBS CHAPS Payments)
ITM Incoming CHAPS
LON New Loan
LST Supplementary List
LVP Low Value Payment
MEC Export Credits
MFD Maturing Fwd Deal
MGT Bonds & Guarantees
MIB Inward Bills
MIC Import Credits
MKD Market Deal
MOB Outward Bills
MSC Miscellaneous Entry
NDC No Dividend Counterfoil
NPAY Faster Payment - Next Day (appears on statement as EBP)
POC Post Office Counter
POS Maestro Transaction
RTF Relay Transfer
S/O Standing Order
SBT Funds Transfer
SCR Sundry Credit Item
SDE Urgent Euro Transfer
SDR Sundry Debit Item
STF Manually Keyed Standard Transfer
STL Settlement
TFP Trade Finance Product
TFR Transfer
TRF International Payment (NatWest only)
TLR Teller transaction

Telephone Banking transaction

TSU Telephone Banking
U/D Unpaid Direct Debit
UTF Urgent Transfer
WSF Foreign Exchange Deal
WSM Money Market Deal


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