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How do I order smartcards to a home address, for users working from home?


If you’re an administrator, you can order a smartcard to your own home address and then forward it on to the user you’re making the request for. Before placing the order, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Update the ‘user’s address field’ to the user’s home address, as this is where we’ll be sending the PIN to activate the card.
  2. Update your own ‘user address’ to your home address

You can then order the smartcard to your selected home address. Help ordering a smartcard.

The card will be sent to your home address, and the PIN to activate it will be sent directly to the user. They’ll both be delivered within seven to ten working days. 

Urgent requests

If the user needs the smartcard urgently, you can follow these contingency steps to order the card straight to their address:

  1. Update the ‘user’s address field’ to the user’s home address
  2. Temporarily update your own ‘user address’ to the home address of the user you’re ordering the smartcard for

You can then order the smartcard and select to send it to the user’s home address. Help ordering a smartcard. They’ll be delivered within seven to ten working days. 

Important points to remember

  • Don’t forget to change the addresses back once you’ve made the order
  • When you order a new smartcard it automatically cancels the previous one
  • Card readers are optional – you don’t need another reader if you already have one
  • User address changes require smartcard approval, and if you have dual administration switched on a second approver will be needed
  • The smartcard will be addressed to the Administrator placing the order. If needed, when you're sending a card directly to a user, you can include the recipients name in the address fields as you're updating the address
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