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My user has got their login details wrong and is now locked out of Bankline, how do I re-activate them?


You should first check their status on the 'Manage Users' screen.

To help them regain access you can use the following options:

  1. If the user still remembers their PIN and password, go to 'Manage Users'.

  2. Select the User ID and then hit 'Re-instate User'.

  3. If they don't remember their PIN and password, from 'Manage Users' select the 'User ID'.

  4. Select 'Order Activation Code'.

If your organisation has enabled the automated PIN/Password reset, users can order a new activation code from the Bankline login screen, as long as they know their existing Bankline user email address.

If it's not enabled, but you'd like to use it, see 'How do I manage the 'Automated PIN/Password reset' administration setting?'

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