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How do I register a third-party account?


To add a third-party account in Bankline:

  1. In the 'Administration' section, select 'Register accounts'.

  2. Click on 'Register additional accounts'.

  3. Select 'Euro (and certain currency) account(s)', 'International account(s)' or 'External account(s)'.

  4. Select 'Register accounts not in list'.

  5. Enter the sort code and account number, check the ‘Third-party account' box and hit 'Continue'.

  6. Select 'Confirm details'.

  7. This will generate a 'Third-party mandate' PDF form, which you'll need to print. 

  8. Once you've printed the form, you'll need to check the box to confirm you've done this.

  9. Make sure the 'Third-party mandate' form is completed and signed ready to be sent to the Bankline Additional Accounts team. You can send your third party mandate by email or post.

  10. For security reasons we strongly advise you to password protect the form to restrict who may open them. Data sent over the internet could be intercepted and accessed by unauthorised individuals. If password protecting your form(s) please set the password to match exactly the “Bankline Customer ID” entered in section 2 of the form. Please also put the name of the “Bankline Customer” entered in section 2 of the form into the subject field of the email. 

    Please don't put the customer ID in the email or send it in a separate email.

    The email address to send the ‘Third-party mandate’ form to is

  11. If for any reason you're unable to sign and scan the form(s) or if you wish to post the application, then please send to the address shown on the form.

We'll add the account once we've completed the necessary checks.

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