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Update your contact details to prepare for changes impacting the Bankline log on process


Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sending upgraded Bankline QR smartcard readers to your existing smartcard users. This is for new Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2) technical standards, which came into effect on 14th September 2019. The new QR readers will give you more security when logging in, authorising payments and making administrative changes on Bankline.

Bankline users who currently don't have a smartcard (as their current privileges do not require one) will automatically be issued with a smartcard, card reader and PIN.

If you’ve misplaced your smartcard or you can’t remember your PIN, you'll need to order a new smartcard through Bankline. Users who've not logged in to Bankline in the last 13 months will not receive a new QR reader. If these users do require a new reader, they'll need to contact their Bankline administrator(s) to request one. A new smartcard and PIN can also be requested via their administrator(s) if required.

Over the coming months, all users will need these items to log in to Bankline. Once you receive your smartcard and QR reader, you can start using them straight away.


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