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How do I authorise a file in Money Transfer?

  • Select Money Transfer from the left hand menu.
  • In the Money Transfer screen select Authorise file

Note: The menu items displayed are based on privileges assigned to the user

  • The Authorise file screen is displayed
  • Files are listed with most recent first
  • Select hyperlink of file to be authorised
  • The Confirm file authorisation screen is displayed
  • Click on Confirm authorisation
  • The smartcard authorisation screen is displayed for entering the response code
  • You are required to authorise your action using your smartcard and reader.
  • To do this insert your smartcard into your reader, chip facing forward. 
  • Switch the reader on and press sign
  • Enter the challenge code into the smartcard reader, press ok
  • Enter your 4 digit PIN, press ok
  • You will be presented with a signature response code that should be entered into the blank box on this screen, click Go
  • The file history has been updated, the file is now awaiting 2nd authorisation by another user

Note: if you do not have Dual File Authorisation switched on, then the file is now fully authorised, if Dual File Authorisation is off then a 2nd authoriser is require to repeat these steps.

  • The file will now be passed to the Bank for processing.
  • The status of your file can be checked using the File Enquiry option, once your file status has changed to Accepted or Rejected Status, a File Receipt Report UB011 will be available for download.
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