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How do I download a Money Transfer file report?


The download file option allows downloading of reports available in relation to your Money Transfer service.

Two reports types are available:

  • UB011 File receipt report
  • UB007 Unpaid direct debit report
  • The download process is the same for both reports:
  • Select Money Transfer from the left hand menu

Note: The menu items displayed are based on privileges assigned to the user

  • Click on Download File
  • The Download File screen is displayed
  • By default the file receipt (UB011) radio button is selected, if wanting to check for unpaid direct debit reports (UB007) click the radio button for this.
  • Enter date search criteria
  • Click Search
  • The File receipt search results screen is displayed
  • Files are listed with most recent first
  • The file creation date & time shows when the file was created.
  • The Last download date & time shows the most recent download of the file receipt by any user with access to the OIN related to the file receipt.
  • If the report has never been downloaded then the Last download date & time will not show any date & time.
  • Click an individual underlined OIN to download that file.
  • The smartcard authorisation screen is displayed
  • You are required to authorise your action using your smartcard and reader.
  • To do this insert your smartcard into your reader, chip facing forward. 
  • Switch the reader on and press sign
  • Enter the challenge code into the smartcard reader, press ok
  • Enter your 4 digit PIN, press ok
  • You will be presented with a signature response code that should be entered into the blank box on this screen, click Go
  • You will be presented with the Download file receipt screen, showing details of the file to be downloaded
  • Click Download now
  • A new File Download window will appear on your screen, from here you can either Open the file in your default txt file program or Save your file to your PC or network drive (The default filename is your OIN along with the date the file was created e.g. 886644-UB011-20101225.txt)
  • You can now choose to download the same file again or to Download another file, this will redisplay the File receipt search results screen where the Last download.
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