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How do I do a Money Transfer File Enquiry?


The file enquiry option allows you to enquire upon any file submitted during the last calendar year.  For “accepted” status files you can also view the transactions within the file.

  • Select Money transfer from the left hand menu
  • Select File enquiry

Note: The menu items displayed are based on privileges assigned to the user

There are 2 search options available:-

Option 1 is a generic search using OIN, status and submission date. This will return a list of files matching the search criteria

Option 2 allows enquiry on the Bankline file ID which was generated whilst submitting the file. This will return details on the file matching the file ID entered.

  • Enter search criteria in either Option 1 or Option 2 and click Search
  • The File enquiry search results screen is displayed
  • Files are listed with most recent first
  • Click on the hyperlink of the required file
  • The file details screen is displayed
  • For a file of accepted status the View transactions button is available
  • Clicking on the View transactions button will redraw the screen showing the transactions within the file.
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