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How do I remove a Transaction?


A Transaction can only be removed if its parent Batch is in “Future dated” status. A rejected Transaction cannot be removed.

To remove a Transaction, the user removing it must have both Remove and File enquiry privileges assigned to them, as well as access to the OIN of the file containing the Transaction.

Note: Transaction removal is not subject to Dual Authorisation

  • You must perform a file enquiry and bring up the details of the file
  • Click on the Batch ID of the Batch containing the Transaction to be removed and the Batch details screen will be displayed
  • Click on the Transaction ID of the transaction to be removed to display the Transaction details screen
  • Clicking on Remove transaction will invoke a confirmation screen
  • Clicking Confirm will invoke a smartcard challenge
  • Upon successful completion of the smartcard challenge, the Transaction removal requested screen will show a summary of the Transaction being removed

The removal may take a short while to complete. Check the removal was successful by performing another File enquiry - the Transaction status will have changed to “Removed”.

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