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How do I make a payment using a PISP Third Party Provider (TPP)?


To make a payment using a PISP TPP you’ll need to select 'Pay from bank account’ when you reach the payment stage on the TPP’s website. You’ll then be directed to our dedicated site to authenticate yourself and provide consent for the payment.

In the same way as making payments on Bankline, the payment will need to be approved using your Smartcard.

For step-by-step guidance on making a payment through a TPP see our support guide.

Remember, to make a payment using a TPP you must have the following privileges assigned in Bankline:

  • Allow Third Party Provider payments

For  SEPA Payments:

  • Add Standard Payment
  • Authorise Own Stadnard Payment

For transfers between two accounts reported on the same Bankline profile:

  • Add Transfer (between customer’s own accounts)
  • Authorise Own Transfer

The payment amount cannot exceed any applicable limits, for example, the dual authorisation threshold or your payment authorisation limit.

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