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How do I set users up to be able to use Open Banking Third Party Provider (TPP) services?


Bankline now offers new TPP privileges. Once allocated, they allow users to use TPP services. These privileges can be added to an existing role or you can create a new customer role to assign to users. Only accounts assigned to that role can use TPP services.

There are three new Bankline privileges for use with TPPs

1) Allow Third-Party Provider payments

This lets Bankline users make PISP TPP payments. They’ll also need to have the privilege for the payment type in question:

For SEPA payments:

  • Add Standard Payment
  • Authorise Own Standard Payment

For transfers between two accounts reported on the same Bankline profile:

  • Add Transfer (between customer’s own accounts)
  • Authorise Own Transfer

2) Create and manage own account information consents

This lets users give their consent to share account information with an AISP TPP. It also means they can view and manage the consents they set up with TPPs.

3) Manage all account information consents

This allows users to manage all account information sharing consents set up by any user on their Bankline profile.

For step-by-step guidance on how to apply these privileges to users see our TPP support guide. 

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