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What do the new Open Banking Third Party Providers (TPP) privileges enable users to do?


Bankline now offers new Third-Party Provider (TPP) privileges. Once allocated, they allow users to use TPP services. If you’re a Bankline administrator, you can add these privileges to an existing customer role or you can create a new customer role, and then assign it to users. Only accounts assigned to that role can use TPP services.

The new TPP privileges enable users to:

  • Create and manage own Account Information consents – this allows a user to consent to share account information with an AISP TPP. It also allows the user to view and manage the consents they set up with AISP TPPs.
  • Manage all Account Information consents – this lets a user manage all account information sharing consents set up by any user on their Bankline profile.
  • Allow Third-Party Provider payments – this lets the user make PISP TPP payments.

The user must also have the privilege for the supported payment type, these are:

 For SEPA payments:

  • Add Standard Payment.
  • Authorise Own Standard Payment.

 For Transfers between accounts on the same Bankline profile:

  • Add Transfer (between customer’s own accounts).
  • Authorise Own Transfer.

For step-by-step guidance on using TPPs and giving your users TPP privileges see our TPP support guide

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