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What do the different payment authorisation statuses mean?



Payment Authorisation Status Bankline icon Description
Incomplete  Partially input and saved for later completion or validation.
Awaiting Authorisation  Details validated and payment confirmed pending your authorisation.
Awaiting 2nd Authorisation  Successfully authorised by one user, pending authorisation by a second.
Awaiting Release  The payment has been fully authorised and is held for release. This is because the payment meets the criteria setup by your administrator under 'Hold and release payment preferences'.
Processing  All levels of authorisation completed. The system is validating the payment.
Rejected  The payment has been rejected or cancelled by the payment engine, our central infrastructure or the beneficiary bank (for a Faster Payment).
Cancelled  Successfully cancelled by user.
Future Dated  Payment authorised for a future date.
Held Checking Funds  Payment held due to a lack of available funds.
Accepted  Payment fully processed by the payment engine.

Payments that you haven't fully authorised before the submission time and date deadline.


Payments that have been rejected will change to an Expired status the next day.


If a payment has moved  to processing and then goes to an Expired status without any other update then you'll need to contact the Bankline Helpdesk to check the final status of the payment.

It may be that the payment has still been made but as it remained in a processing status for an extended period it wasn't possible to show its final status.

Partially Accepted

Applies to bulk list payments only.

One or more of the associated credits has a status of 'Rejected' and one or more has a status of 'Accepted'.

Qualified Accepted

For single Standard Domestic payments routed through the Faster Payments service. The beneficiary bank isn't able to credit the beneficiary account immediately.

For bulk lists: for one or more of the associated credits, the beneficiary bank isn't able to credit the beneficiary account immediately.
Payment has a warning  Payment warning icon

The payment has one or more warnings, such as potential duplicate payment.

Template / bulk list has been amended  Template amended warning icon The details on the template or bulk list have changed since the last payment was made from it.


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