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How do I create a domestic Inter Account Transfer (IAT)?


Step 1 - Select payment type

Select Payments from the left-hand menu. This opens the Make payments screen. In the Inter Account Transfers section, select ‘Domestic IAT'.

Step 2 - Enter transfer details

Debit account

The BIC and IBAN of your default account are shown automatically. To change this to another registered account (or to set the default), click on the magnifying glass and select the IBAN you want to use.

Payment date

This defaults to the earliest possible date the payment can be made. To specify a later date (up to 180 days in advance), click the calendar.

Payment amount

Enter the amount in figures, with decimal point, but no currency symbol, for example, 527.99.

Debit account narrative

Enter any reference you want to use to identify the payment, for example, invoice number.

Step 3 - Enter credit account details

Account details

Enter the BIC and IBAN of the account you want to credit. Or click on the magnifying glass to see all the accounts linked to your user profile and select the credit account from this list.

Credit account narrative

Enter any reference you want to use to identify the transfer.

Information for the beneficiary

Extra information that you wish to send can be entered here.

Step 4 - Check and confirm payment

Select Make payment at the bottom of the screen. Check all payment details are correct. If not, you can edit them at this point. (If you don't want to submit the payment yet, select Save payment instead.) Select Confirm payment.

The payment is now awaiting authorisation, which is the final stage of making a payment.

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