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What's happening with IBM Trusteer Rapport?


From 31st January 2019, IBM Trusteer Rapport will no longer serve as an additional layer of security protection on Bankline.

However, Bankline customers will be able to switch to an alternative solution, which we’ll communicate to you in due course.


Next Step: Decide if you want to keep Rapport on your computer.

Rapport will continue to complement your anti-virus software and offer protection from certain types of malware.

However, the additional security that Rapport currently provides when you log in to Bankline will no longer be available. For example, the verification checks to confirm that you’re interacting with the bank’s genuine website, as opposed to a fake look-a-like site.

If you want to keep Rapport:

You don’t need to do anything, Rapport will keep working.

If you want to remove Rapport:

You can uninstall Rapport by following the relevant link:


How to tell if a page is protected by Rapport

For pages protected by Rapport, the icon in your browser address bar will appear green.

 Rapport Icon Green

For pages not protected, the icon will be grey. 
As of the 31st January 2019, when you log in to Bankline the icon will show as grey instead of green.

Rapport Icon Grey

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