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How do I set up Dual administration for Statement Download?


Select Administration from the left hand menu

Within the “Customer Details” box on the screen, the Dual Administration setting is shown as either
On or Off. Dual administration must be set to “On” in order to set up Dual administration for Statement Download

To do this:

  • Click the Dual Administration hyperlink
  • The “Customer settings” screen is displayed showing the current dual admin setting and the privileges
  • currently associated with this (Note: If Dual Administration is currently Off this screen can be used to switch it On)
  • click Edit privileges subject to Dual Administration
  • Select the required privileges by clicking in the box to add or remove a tick, by adding a tick to the box the privilege will be subject to Dual admin, removing a tick will remove that privilege
  • Click Confirm changes to privileges
  • The “Customer settings” screen is displayed
  • Click Confirm
  • You settings are re-displayed
  • Click Update
  • The “Customer Details” screen is displayed.
  • The changes are now subject to dual authorisation by another system administrator, available to them under Authorise Change in the left hand menu under Administration.
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