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How do I assign a Statement File Number (SFN) to users?

  • Select Administration from the left hand menu
  • Select Manage User statement download, the “Manage User statement download” screen is displayed listing all users in your company
  • Identify the specific user to assign SFN(s) to, click on the underlined hyperlink
  • The “Assign or remove statement file numbers” Screen is displayed
  • Select the required SFN(s) by clicking in the box to add or remove a tick, by adding a tick to the box the SFN will be assigned, removing a tick will remove that SFN from the User.
  • When selection complete click Continue.
  • The “Confirm statement file numbers” screen is displayed
  • Click Confirm to proceed with the changes
  • The “Manage User Statement download” screen is redisplayed
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